Reflect. Connect. Explore. Share.

Roots Guide’s atypical guidebook and toolkit invite you to deeply connect with diverse people and places throughout the Netherlands.


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It’s a great way to discover and appreciate the world around us but also to (re-)discover what makes us tick.

It allows us to step out of our daily routines and live in the here and now. It gives us an incredibly valuable perspective on the conditions and expectations that affect others’ lives and our own.

The Roots Guide guidebook gives users the opportunity to embrace this travel mindset anytime, anywhere, even right here at home in the Netherlands. But this isn’t your typical guidebook! The Roots Guide brings together rich personal stories of guides with diverse migration backgrounds living throughout the Netherlands, engaging questions to spur reflection and dialogue, travel activities and recommendations that call users to adventure, and visuals that pull users into the guides’ everyday lives.

And we do this by guiding you through four steps: REFLECT. CONNECT. EXPLORE. SHARE.

Our partners

Roots Guide is in part supported by the National Geographic Society, enabling us to beta-test the guidebook, develop the educational toolkit and cover a portion of our printing costs.