Roots Guide: The People of the Netherlands

A travel guidebook of the Netherlands as seen through the eyes of migrants and travellers

Like you, we’re seriously into travel. And, like you, we crave to see what we take for granted at home through new eyes. The Roots Guide guidebook does that. It opens us up to different ways of living and being in the Netherlands.

Through the stories of migrants and travellers, this guidebook shows you how to (re-)connect with our beautiful country, find hidden gems and learn more about the incredible people who make it a great place to live.

Roots Guide is narrated by over 40 migrants and travellers who call the Netherlands home. Through their stories, you will discover people and places just next door or all the way across the country, ones that you thought you already knew like the back of your hand, ones you’ve never heard of, and perhaps even ones you may have previously avoided.

Travel locally, discover globally.

Roots Guide Prototype 2018