Roots Guide is an atypical guidebook that invites you to deeply connect with diverse people and places throughout the Netherlands. Pre-order now!
Deeply connect with people and places
Our guidebook

Our guidebook

Our printed guidebook is for people, like you, who live in the Netherlands and want to get to know their country and themselves in a new way. Taking the form of an interactive guidebook, we invite you to undertake both reflective inner and outer journeys by revisiting what you think you know about life in the Netherlands, starting on your very own doorstep. Sharing personal stories builds powerful connections between strangers – they trigger our curiosity to explore new places and revisit well-known ones with fresh eyes.

Through in-depth visual and personal stories, the guidebook welcomes you into the lives of 34 migrants living in the Netherlands. Drawing on their own diverse perspectives and experiences, they’ll guide you to the places that have touched and shaped them. And, along the way, you’ll get reflection questions and travel activities specially designed to shed new light on the wonder, weirdness, struggles and joy that are part of establishing roots and forging community in this country we all call home, regardless of whether we have lived here for a few months or our whole lives.

Now where do we begin? With you of course! Roots Guide invites you to take a moment for yourself. Gently REFLECT upon where you’ve come from, where you are now, and where you want to go. Reflect with your loved ones about what stirs, moves, and defines you. Truly see yourself and each other. What more is there to discover?
Your new reflections may raise more questions than answers. No worries. You’re not alone on this journey. CONNECT with your Roots Guide storytelling guides. You’ll get to see how they experience and navigate the Netherlands. They’ll inspire, challenge, and move you.
Phew! We know. Our hearts and heads can be overstimulated by all these deeply personal stories and new meaningful connections. That’s why we invite you to EXPLORE and have fun. Embrace your travel mindset to (re)discover the unusual, the exciting and the extraordinary in both new and familiar places.
New connections. New insights. New adventures. Now what? We have dedicated a personal space for you to SHARE your new found experiences — and slowly become a storytelling guide for your friends and family. Become the author of your own narratives and unlock a new road ahead where your journey continues. Where have you come from, where are you now, and where do you want to go?