Roots Guide is an atypical guidebook that invites you to deeply connect with diverse people and places throughout the Netherlands. Pre-order now!
Deeply connect with people and places
Our team

Our team

Supporting team

Kristina Mau Hansen: sound artist, research and activity design

Fiona Hawes: research, activity design and communication

Anne Kessels: research and communication

Amber Mulder: research and communication

Cassandra Bendana: research

Sarah Walter: research and communication

Muriel van Winckel: research and communication

Mesh Gautam: research and team wellbeing

Alejandra Guijo Bermejo: team wellbeing

Megha Nanda: communication

Zakaria Barakat: communication

Chiara Pizzi: communication and video production

Dan Flynn: video production

Óscar Bouzas Iglesias: soundtrack

Razan Damlakhi: research and community engagement

Lay Kuen Yee: community engagement and communication

Wendy de Jong: community engagement and communication

Marrit Schakel: community engagement

Claudius McGill: community engagement

Mila Eberhardt: community engagement

Batoul Lakhmoush: community engagement

Alaa Kalaji: community engagement

Abel Fernando: IT support and communication

Our gratitude

Roots Guide is the result of the collective dedication, creativity and support of more than 250 people, including the guides, volunteers, donors, beta testers, colleagues, friends, neighbors and family. A movement like Roots Guide is only possible through genuine collaboration where everyone has the space to use her or his superpowers.

Our eternal thanks go to everyone who has supported Roots Guide over the past six years. We are deeply moved by the immense generosity we have received from you.

Roots Guide is project that transformed into a community and a movement.

It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.

Charles Darwin