Roots Guide is an atypical guidebook that invites you to deeply connect with diverse people and places throughout the Netherlands. Pre-order now!
Deeply connect with people and places
Our toolkit

Our toolkit

Like the Roots Guide guidebook, the Roots Guide Educational Toolkit invites young people to meet a set of guides who offer diverse perspectives and insights into timely political, social, cultural and economic challenges that may resonate deeply with your students.

This toolkit was created to help shift the public conversation about migration towards one that is more inclusive. The young people in your classroom represent a kaleidoscope of relationships to political, social, cultural and economic privileges that impact both their and others’ freedom of movement, self-expression, and feelings of inclusion and belonging. Additionally, social media has made young people hyper-aware of social (in)justice connected to migration, identity, belonging, heritage and inclusion. This toolkit offers you and your students a set of tools and experiences to empower young people to learn how to more deeply connect with the people and places around them.

Roots Guide guides have diverse migration and travel backgrounds. Either they or their parents and grandparents have moved to or within the Netherlands. Some have only lived here for a few months, while others have lived here all their lives.

Roots Guide stories try hard to reflect that kaleidoscope of relationships to privilege that you see in your classroom and throughout the country. But, while this Educational Toolkit will be an evolving one, with new stories and activities added over time, we know that no teaching resource can ever cover every topic or fully represent the diversity that can be found within the Netherlands. We’ve chosen this approach to shed light on our shared humanity, our vulnerabilities and values, our creative approaches to life’s challenges and the ups and downs we encounter while working to create a place to belong for ourselves, those closest to us, and those whose lives, joys and challenges may at first appear quite distant from our own.

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